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I’ve used Sinus Away™ in my practice as a Naturopath for over 20 years… Over the years, I’ve witness hundreds of cases clear up through the use of this miraculous product. I highly recommend Sinus Away™ to EVERYONE!
Harold Green, N.D.
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  • "As a public speaker and corporate trainer, I travel extensively for work, and often encounter fellow travelers and participants struggling with colds, allergies, sniffles, etc. Being in such close proximity to others suffering from these afflictions, I remain vigilant to stay healthy to ward them off. I tried Sinus Away™ several years ago for a stuffy head due to colds and allergy, and it worked quickly and effectively. I prefer Sinus Away™ to all the over-the-counter medications because it's not full of chemicals and other nasty stuff. I use it as a preventive treatment whenever I travel ... and guess what? I very rarely get sick, and if I do, the Sinus Away™ helps me recover quickly!" Chris Martin

  • "I have seasonal allergies and got a sinus infection as a result almost yearly. Nothing seemed to help relieve my congestion and the irritation. I tried Sinus Away™ and it worked! I have been using Sinus Away™ exclusively for a few years now when I have congestion and sinus pressure. I have not had a single sinus infection since I began using this product. Many of my family members have similar sinus issues and I have recommended Sinus Away™ to them, as well as to my friends. With our exception, they have all found it to be very effective. I highly recommend Sinus Away™ to anyone who experiences chronic sinus issues." Carol Bowe

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I couldn’t sleep last night because my throat hurt so bad... I was up until 4 am swallowing in pain. I got up and swabbed my nose with Sinus Away™ and the comfort of the inhale was so lovely! Then I fell asleep and my throat feels so much better this morning!!
Tiffany Manning

  • "Sinus Away™ works wonders! My husband and I have sinus issues, mostly stuffy and running noses, when we leave our windows open and let the fresh air in. We started using Sinus Away™ and immediately the runny noses cleared up! We love the way it smells, opens up the sinuses and gets rid of the stuffy, sniffly feeling. I especially appreciate that its all natural and uses the highest grade essential oils. We are very picky about what we ingest so SinusAway™ is a perfect product for us and we recommend it for anyone with sinus issues." Kathy Lang

  • "I'm excited to witness the positive results from Sinus Away™ that my spouse has experienced. He was having ongoing issues with dizziness and his left ear was having pain in the evenings before bed and early in the morning. When he tried several over the counter medications, they never gave him the long term relief until we discovered Sinus Away™. He applies it in both ears daily and his reoccurring issues went away. We tell everyone about this product and are so glad we found it!" Charlene Peralta

Sinus Away™ works as good if not better as any of the expensive prescription sinus drugs.
Stephan Kelly
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  • "I’m just willing to rave about Sinus Away™. I bought a bottle in March and it’s been one of those rare finds that makes a huge difference. Since using Sinus Away™, I haven’t had any major sinus problems. As soon as I feel any dryness, itching, or blockage in my sinuses, I use Sinus Away™ and the problems disappear. Sometimes I get a rash on my face and I’ve found that using Sinus Away™ on that makes it disappear as well. I also use Sinus Away™ on my neck and shoulders when they’re sore and in my ears when they are itchy or start feeling like they have fluid in them and it helps with all of these things. I have been around people who had had a virus lately that gave them congestion and sinus problems and I just used my Sinus Away™ and never got sick. I am telling everyone I know about this product. It is wonderful and I’m so glad to have found it. Thank you." Denna Motto

  • "I recently had a severe earache for over a week, and after trying everything I could think of, including ear drops, flushing, and an over the counter pain reliever, it was suggested to me to try Sinus Away™. I love this product! I started using it on a Friday night – following the directions on the label, and by Saturday morning the pain was diminished by half. I continued to swab my ear, as well as putting the drops in twice a day, and awoke on Sunday morning with literally no pain. I had no need to take the over the counter pain reliever until late that day, and when I did, I took only half the dosage. I will continue to follow the protocol until all symptoms are gone. I cannot believe Sinus Away™ worked so quickly and so completely. I will always keep this in my home." Sandra Herman

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Sinus Away™ drops really work well in treating Sinusitis: dry, sore spots on the inside of the nose that can be very painful. Treat twice a day and before you know it, no more sore nose! Thanks!
Hal O'Steen

  • "I just want to say how much I enjoy using Sinus Away™. I use it when it is high pollen season and it appears to soothe my sinuses and keep them from being dry, as well as assists in keeping sinus infections away. I also enjoy using it in my ears, as time to time I do feel the need for comfort in the ear cavity and Sinus Away™ gives it that comfort. I recommend this product to anyone that has been trying to conquer seasonal allergy symptoms. Give it a try!!!" Jeannie Sanchez

  • "I’ve used Sinus Away™ in my practice as a Naturopath for over 20 years. It can be used for many other issues besides those dealing with the sinuses. I call it First Aid in a Bottle. My clients have had great success through its application. It is a highly effective method for treatment of chest and ear (Eustachian tube) congestion. Applied to the chest, it helps relive chest congestion. Sinus Away™ can be applied behind the ear, as well as inside. It works as an inhalant by adding 2 drops to a cup of hot water. After the contents of the cup have cooled, it can be sipped. Sinus Away™ is an excellent treatment for skin conditions due to fungus, insect bites, sun damage, and allergy, as well. It helps heal athlete’s foot and toenail fungus problems and other fungus issues such as jock itch and yeast rashes. It can be safely applied to the torso, on a band-aid over the navel, or rubbed on the skin. It’s even gentle enough to use on children. Over the years, I’ve witness hundreds of cases clear up through the use of this miraculous product. I highly recommend Sinus Away™ to EVERYONE!" Harold Green, N.D.

I am SO enjoying Sinus Away™!! It’s winter and flu season, and I don’t like to get the flu shot. I feel so healthy and clear, and I believe Sinus Away™ has played a crucial role in my feeling of wellness. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to any of my friends!! P.S. I love the easy to dispense cotton swab dispenser - never seen that before. In-Joy!
Ragda Deeb
Young Woman at Beach

  • "Thank goodness for Sinus Away™! I have been experiencing chronic severe ear itching and flaking due to seasonal allergies for almost 2 years. After an initial treatment of steroid drops, my doctor could offer no help. Since then I’ve used every topical itch cream available to stop the symptoms, but never experienced any sustained relief. FINALLY, I have found a healthy solution that works!! Both the itching and flaking have almost completely subsided. I will continue to use this product as directed and HIGHLY recommend it to anyone with similar allergy issues!" Gabrielle Mallin

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